Cooperativ Housing in Berlin -Event in English

Cooperativ Housing in Berlin -Event in English


Cooperativ Housing in Berlin – How does it work, and how can I make it work for me?

Cooperatives are somewhat of an insider-tip for affordable housing in Berlin. Around 100 cooperatives own roughly 200,000 apartments. But what makes them affordable? And how are they different from public and private sector housing? And most importantly: Are they interesting for me, as a solution to my housing wants and needs? Come and find out!
This English language workshop is a one-stop-shop for all your questions about housing cooperatives. It is hosted by the Genossenschaftsforum in their multifunctional work and exhibition space in Berlin Schöneberg. (near Südkreuz). If you can’t make the workshop, please contact them for information or to schedule a visit for another time.

Dieser Workshop findet im Rahmen der EXPERIMENTDAYS 2023 statt.

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